Our Story

In a world filled with hate and violence, I felt compelled to speak up and use my platform in a positive way. Stop The Hate is a fashion and lifestyle brand rooted in the world we live in. I founded the company last year, compelled by years of bullying that I experienced during my formative years. By combining a clean design element with a powerful social message, Stop The Hate is dedicated to spreading a message of more love and less hate across the world. To support that mission, Stop The Hate will distribute a percentage of profits to organizations that promote and support its mission.


Our goal is to eventually create a Stop The Hate foundation where people, all ages, from around the world can apply for grants for a multitude of projects and needs. I want to create a brand that not only promotes love and positivity but also gives back and helps other who are truly in need. If you need money to buy supplies for a project, pay your tuition, start a club at school, pay your rent or whatever situation you may be in, we want to be here to help. Every purchase, helps us get closer to our goal of helping others achieve their dreams and live life to the fullest.  

With Love,

Alec Schweitzer